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Renewing the lighting in your home

“LEDs have opened up a world of design possibilities for us! Particularly when it comes to lampshades. Thanks to the widest choice of usable materials – as LEDs do not emit heat – I can make custom lampshades,” Burckhardt explains. As a result, he is able to best meet his customers’ ideas and suggestions.

Another fascinating option are lighting devices that anticipate your behavior. To explain this idea, Burckhardt gives the example of a dining room. If there are lamps installed above a table, in addition to the general lighting of the room, the two systems can interact with each other. For example, when the general lighting is dimmed, the lamps above the table can automatically become brighter, thus bringing the table into focus. “It’s definitely something nice to have, but obviously not essential!

For any budget, large or small, Burckhardt recommends always considering long-term costs. he tells us. Explaining that initially many people may be put off by the slightly higher price of LEDs, he points out that over time the difference in spending will more than make up for in energy savings. “There are also several cost calculators online that can do the math for you.”

To conclude, he reminds us that “regardless of the design, a faucet supplies water. And the same goes for lighting”. In the end it is the quality of the water, or rather of the light, that should come first: “In my opinion, focusing on simplicity is often the best way to proceed”.

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