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Why Security Screen Doors Gold Coast is Worth Investing

Many homeowners on the Gold Coast have the common misconception that securing their windows secures their homes. It’s because countless TV shows and movies always show that intruders will always use the windows to enter a home.

This could not be further from the truth. In reality, securing the doors of homes should be the top priority. It’s a good thing that the latest technology in protecting the entrances of homes has been designed and created.

With the specific design and material of security screen doors, Gold Coast ensures that intruders are prevented from entering your home through your main and back entrances.

While it can be said that security screen doors, Gold Coast are quite expensive, their proven track record in safeguarding homes makes them worthy of your investment.

Here’s why:

Stronger lock protection

No average lock is used by security screen doors. The heavy-duty and strong material used on the locks of security screen doors is designed to prevent an intruder from breaking them. Brute strength on the part of the intruder can destroy not only the locks but the door as well. The sub-par design of many doors compromises the security of your home. The strong reinforcement your home needs against intruders is security screen doors.

Non-removable door hinges

Removing the hinges of a door to break into a home is one of the tricks of the trade of many thieves. The non-removable hinges of security screen doors are the edge they have above other types of doors. Peace of mind is gained when you know that no intruder is capable of removing the hinges of your door to gain illegal entry to your home.

Prevents intruders from entering your door

As stated, intruders are less likely to use windows as illegal entry. The front and back doors of homes are the main targets of thieves to gain illegal entry. Security screen doors provide the best guarantee of protection against thieves and other intruders. The security screen doors are a long-term smart investment for every home that wants 24/7 protection.

No window feature

A door with a window presents a tempting opportunity for all sorts of intruders. It is for this reason that security screen doors are windowless. Glass windows on doors provide an opportunity for thieves to unlock your door after shattering the glass. That option is eliminated with the windowless security screen doors. It is recommended that making the home impregnable to intruders means installing a security screen on doors and windows.

Sturdy door frame

Kicking down doors is always a favourite scene in many movies. It makes you wonder if the main and back doors of your home can hold strong when kicked. The strong frame of security screen doors will not make you wonder but assured that they cannot be kicked down.

Security screen doors are available in metal alloy, steel, and aluminium. Of the three, the steel security screen door is the strongest. Make the investment count in terms of long-term safety by opting for steel security screen doors.

Security screen doors are the ideal type of doors for every home on the Gold Coast. The doors deliver on the claim of providing long-term optimum protection for the home. Installing the door can be another layer of security for you and your family. Contact us at Byrne Security Doors & Screens Gold Coast to know more.


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